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One of the few good things about the "Year Without Hockey" (the lost season of 2004-05) was the release of this retro set offering the first certified autographs for dozens of former NHLers. This set was released in four waves, with the Canadian series coming first, followed by the US East, US West and Update versions. Due to the size of the overall set, each release has been collected on its own separate web page. I started putting together this set the season it was released, and nearly a decade later I'm still slowly working on it. The challenge is there are a number of confirmed short-prints (noted below with an "*" by the player's name), and very likely a few others in the mix as well as there are some cards in this product that are very tough to acquire. SET STATUS: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! (100 percent complete with 104 of 104 cards.) It took over ten years, but I finally completed the Canadian Edition set on April 10, 2015. The final card to be acquired was A-SSH Steve Shutt.

View: 2004-05 ITG Franchises Canadian | 2004-05 ITG Franchises US East | 2004-05 ITG Franchises US West | 2004-05 ITG Franchises Update

A-GA Glenn Anderson

A-DBB Dave Babych

A-BB Bobby Baun

A-JBE Jean Beliveau *

A-LBH Laurie Boschman

A-BBO Butch Bouchard

A-DB2 Dan Bourchard

A-DB3 Dan Bouchard

A-ABO Andre Bourdrias

A-JB Johnny Bower

A-RBR Richard Brodeur

A-GB Garth Butcher

A-RC2 Randy Carlyle

A-GCH Guy Chouinard

A-WCL2 Wendel Clark

A-RCL Real Cloutier

A-PC1 Paul Coffey *

A-YC Yvan Cournoyer

A-RD Ron Delorme

A-DD Dick Duff

A-DEL Dave Ellett

A-BES Bob Essensa

A-JF John Ferguson

A-LF Lee Fogolin

A-RFT Robbie Ftorek

A-GF Grant Fuhr *

A-BG1 Bernie Geoffrion

A-DG2 Doug Gilmour

A-MG2 Michael Goulet

A-TG Thomas Gradin

A-RGR Randy Gregg

A-DHA Dale Hawerchuk

A-RHO Red Horner *

A-PH2 Phil Housley

A-CHU Charlie Huddy

A-BH2 Bobby Hull *

A-DHU2 Dale Hunter

A-DVH Dave Hunter

A-DK Dennis Kearns

A-TK Teeder Kennedy

A-MKR Mike Krushelnyski

A-JK Jari Kurri *

A-JKY Jim Kyte

A-EL Elmer Lach *

A-GL Guy Lafleur *

A-JL Jacques Laperriere

A-GLP Guy Lapointe

A-JLE Jacques Lemaire

A-RLM Reggie Lemelin

A-DVL Don Lever

A-MLU Morris Lukowich

A-PML Paul MacLean

A-JMC Jamie Macoun

A-FM2 Frank Mahovlich *

A-FM3 Frank Mahovlich *

A-JMN Jimmy Mann

A-MM Mario Marios

A-LM2 Lanny McDonald *

A-LM3 Lanny McDonald *

A-JMI Jack McIlhargey

A-JMK Jim McKenny

A-KML Kirk McLean

A-HM Howie Meeker

A-EM Ed Mio

A-AM2 Andy Moog

A-DM2 Dickie Moore

A-MN Mark Napier

A-CN2 Cam Neely *

A-BN2 Bob Nevin

A-KN Kent Nilsson

A-GO Gino Odjick

A-JOT Joel Otto

A-MP Mike Palmateer

A-JPE Jim Peplinski

A-BPL Bob Pulford

A-BR Bill Ranford

A-PRA Paul Ranheim

A-PRE Paul Reinhart

A-HR Henri Richard *

A-DRO Darcy Rota

A-PR2 Patrick Roy *

A-BS Borje Salming *

A-ASV Andre Savard

A-SSV Serge Savard

A-DSE Dave Semenko

A-DSH Darrin Shannon

A-SSH Steve Shutt

A-DS2 Darryl Sittler *

A-DSM Doug Smail

A-SSM Stan Smyl

A-HS Harold Snepsts

A-AS2 Allan Stanley

A-MST Marian Stastny

A-GS Gary Suter

A-DTL Dale Tallon

A-MT Marc Tardif

A-IT Ian Turnbull

A-GU2 Garry Unger

A-RV2 Rogie Vachon

A-RVA Rick Vaive

A-TWA Tim Watters

A-TW1 Tiger Williams

A-TW2 Tiger Williams *

A-GW3 Gump Worsley *

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