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One of the few good things about the "Year Without Hockey" (the lost season of 2004-05) was the release of this retro set offering the first certified autographs for dozens of former NHLers. This set was released in four waves, with the Canadian series coming first, followed by the US East, US West and Update versions. Due to the size of the overall set, each release has been collected on its own separate web page. I started putting together this set the season it was released, and nearly a decade later I'm still slowly working on it. The challenge is there are a number of confirmed short-prints (noted below with an "*" by the player's name), and very likely a few others in the mix as well as there are some cards in this product that are very tough to acquire. SET STATUS: ACTIVE PROJECT (98.2 Percent Complete with 108 of 110 Cards). In one respect, I could consider this set as completed as the two missing cards are represented by The Final Vault foil-stamped versions, a product released in 2016 as ITG was clearing out their holdings. That said, I would prefer to find unstamped versions.

View: 2004-05 ITG Franchises Canadian | 2004-05 ITG Franchises US East | 2004-05 ITG Franchises US West | 2004-05 ITG Franchises Update

A-LA Lou Angotti

A-DA Don Awrey

A-BBA Bill Barber

A-AB Andy Bathgate

A-DBR Don Beaupre

A-BBK1 Barry Beck

A-CBN Curt Bennett

A-TBL Tom Bladon

A-MBO Mike Bossy

A-DB1 Dan Bouchard

A-BBN Bob Bourne

A-RB1 Raymond Bourque *

A-BBR Brian Bradley

A-JBU Johnny Bucyk

A-WCA Wayne Carleton

A-BCA Bobby Carpenter

A-WC Wayne Cashman

A-GC Gerry Cheevers *

A-DC1 Dino Ciccarelli *

A-WCL Wendel Clark *

A-BC Bobby Clarke

A-BCL Bill Clement

A-PC2 Paul Coffey *

A-JD John Davidson

A-GD Gary Dornhoefer

A-BDR Bruce Driver

A-RDU Ron Duguay

A-ADU Andre Dupont

A-DE Don Edwards

A-PE1 Phil Esposito *

A-PE2 Phil Esposito *

A-DF2 Doug Favell

A-MF Mike Foligno

A-NH Nick Fotiu

A-DGA Danny Gare

A-EG1 Ed Giacomin

A-GG Gilles Gilbert

A-RGI Rod Gilbert

A-CG Clark Gillies

A-BGO2 Butch Goring

A-RG Ron Greschner

A-RH Ron Hextall

A-PHO Paul Holmgren

A-BHV Bronco Horvath

A-MHO Mike Hough

A-PHI Phil Housley

A-GHO Garry Howatt

A-MH Mark Howe

A-HH Harry Howell

A-DHU1 Dale Hunter

A-IA Al Iafrate

A-BK Bob Kelly

A-TKR Tim Kerr

A-OK Orest Kindrachuk

A-YL Yvon Labre

A-PL1 Pat LaFontaine *

A-PL2 Pat LaFontaine *

A-RLN Rod Langway

A-RL Reggie Leach

A-DLU Don Luce

A-TLY Tom Lysiuk

A-JMA John MacLean

A-RMA Rick MacLeish

A-BMM Bob MacMillian

A-DMA Don Marcotte

A-BM Brad Marsh

A-DMR Don Marshall

A-RMA Rick Martin

A-DMK1 Dennis Maruk

A-BMS Bob Mason

A-SMK Sean McKenna

A-RMI Rick Middleton

A-AM1 Andy Moog

A-KM2 Kirk Muller

A-DMU Don Murdoch

A-LMU2 Larry Murphy

A-PMY Phil Myre

A-CN1 Cam Neely *

A-JN Jim Neilson

A-BN1 Bob Nevin

A-BNY Bob Nystrom

A-TO Terry O'Reilly

A-BPA Bernie Parent

A-BP1 Brad Park *

A-BP2 Brad Park *

A-PPE1 Pete Peeters

A-PPE2 Pete Peeters

A-GP Gilbert Perreault

A-LP Larry Playfair

A-DP Denis Potvin

A-BPR Brian Propp

A-DPU Daren Puppa

A-PQ Pat Quinn

A-JR Jean Ratelle

A-CR2 Chico Resch

A-CR3 Chico Resch

A-DSA Don Saleski

A-DSA1 Derek Sanderson

A-DSC1 Dave Schultz

A-BSM Billy Smith

A-RSU Red Sullivan

A-BTA Bobby Taylor

A-CT Chris Terreri

A-BT Bryan Trottier *

A-EV Eric Vail

A-JV John Vanbiesbrouck

A-PV2 Pat Verbeek

A-RW Ryan Walter

A-JW1 Joe Watson

A-GW1 Gump Worsley *

Text To Be Added...

A-CBN Curt Bennett (The National - Chicago)

A-PE1 Phil Esposito (2016 ITG The Final Vault)

A-BP2 Brad Park (2016 ITG The Final Vault)

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