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One of the few good things about the "Year Without Hockey" (the lost season of 2004-05) was the release of this retro set offering the first certified autographs for dozens of former NHLers. This set was released in four waves, with the Canadian series coming first, followed by the US East, US West and Update versions. Due to the size of the overall set, each release has been collected on its own separate web page. I started putting together this set the season it was released, and nearly a decade later I'm still slowly working on it. The challenge is there are a number of confirmed short-prints (noted below with an "*" by the player's name), and very likely a few others in the mix as well as there are some cards in this product that are very tough to acquire. SET STATUS: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! (100 Percent Complete with 102 of 102 Cards.) With great satisfaction, I acquired the A-PE3 Phil Esposito card necessary to complete this set on May 23, 2017. This is the third of the four waves of this release I've completed.

View: 2004-05 ITG Franchises Canadian | 2004-05 ITG Franchises US East | 2004-05 ITG Franchises US West | 2004-05 ITG Franchises Update

A-KA Keith Acton

A-SA Syl Apps, Jr.

A-WB Wayne Babych

A-MBN Murray Bannerman

A-FB Fred Barrett

A-BB1 Bob Baun

A-BBK2 Barry Beck

A-BBE Brian Bellows

A-RBE Red Berenson

A-LB Les Binkley

A-HB Henry Boucha

A-RB2 Raymond Bourque *

A-NB Neal Broten

A-GCA Guy Carbonneau

A-RC1 Randy Carlyle

A-PC3 Paul Coffey *

A-GCR Gary Croteau

A-AD Alex Delvecchio *

A-MD Marcel Dionne *

A-KD Ken Douglas

A-PE2 Phil Esposito *

A-TE Tony Esposito *

A-AF Alex Faulkner

A-DF1 Doug Favell

A-BF Bernie Federko

A-DGG Dave Gagner

A-DVG Dave Gardner

A-EG2 Ed Giacomin *

A-DG1 Doug Gilmour *

A-BGO1 Butch Goring

A-MG1 Michel Goulet

A-DGH Dirk Graham

A-DGR Danny Grant

A-GH1 Glenn Hall *

A-GH2 Glenn Hall *

A-GH3 Glenn Hall *

A-THA Ted Hampson

A-CHA Craig Hartsburg

A-BHA Brian Hayward

A-GHE Guy Hebert

A-DHE Denis Herron

A-BHI Bill Hicke

A-CH Charlie Hodge

A-BH1 Bobby Hull *

A-DH Dennis Hull

A-MHU Mark Hunter

A-RKE Rick Kehoe

A-RK Red Kelly

A-KK Kelly Kisio

A-JKO Joe Kocur

A-PLA Pierre Larouche

A-RLA Reed Larson

A-MLE Mario Lemieux

A-TL Ted Lindsay *

A-ML Mike Liut

A-CLU Craig Ludwig

A-AMA Al MacAdam

A-LMD Lowell MacDonald

A-BMG Bruce MacGregor

A-FM1 Frank Mahovlich *

A-GMA Greg Malone

A-CM Cesare Maniago

A-DMK2 Dennis Maruk

A-LM1 Lanny McDonald *

A-BMC Basil McRae

A-GME1 Gilles Meloche

A-GME2 Gilles Meloche

A-SM Stan Mikita *

A-DM1 Dickie Moore

A-JM2 Joe Mullen

A-KM1 Kirk Muller

A-LMU1 Larry Murphy

A-MIM Mike Murphy

A-LN Lou Nanne

A-BNI Bernie Nicholls

A-JOG John Ogrodnick

A-WP1 Wilf Paiement

A-WP2 Wilf Paiement

A-JPP J.P. Parise

A-MPR Marcel Pronovost

A-CR1 Chico Resch

A-LR1 Larry Robinson

A-PR1 Patrick Roy *

A-GSB Gary Sabourin

A-DSV Denis Savard

A-CS Charlie Simmer

A-DS1 Darryl Sittler

A-BSH Bobby Smith

A-GAS Gary Smith

A-GRS Greg Smith

A-PS Pat Stapleton

A-KS Kevin Stevens

A-BST Bob Stewart

A-DTA Dave Taylor

A-NU Norm Ullman

A-GU Garry Unger

A-RV1 Rogie Vachon

A-CV Carol Vadnais

A-JVA Jack Valiquette

A-BW Bill White

A-GW2 Gump Worsley *

A-SY Steve Yzerman

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