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This is another one of those fun theme-set releases by In The Game, celebrating the year 1972 which saw both the formation of the World Hockey Association and the fabled Canada Vs. Russia Summit Series. This hard-signed on-card autograph set -- always preferable to stickers -- features the first certified autographs of a number of NHLers and WHAers. Like most releases of this type, it been a slow multi-year effort to assemble, and I'm still quite a ways from completion. There are a number of confirmed short-prints (noted below with an "*" by the player's name), and very likely a few others in the mix as well as there are some cards that have proven very tough to acquire.

A-AB Andre Boudrias

A-AD Alex Delvecchio *

A-AH Al Hamilton

A-AL Andre Lacroix

A-AM Al McDonough

A-AMC Ab McDonald

A-AW Alton White

A-BB Bill Barber *

A-BC Bobby Clarke *

A-BCR Bart Crashley

A-BG Butch Goring

A-BGL Brian Glennie

A-BH Bryan Hextall

A-BHU Bobby Hull *

A-BL Bob Leiter

A-BM Bob MacMillan

A-BN Bob Nystrom

A-BP Brad Park *

A-BPA Bernie Parent *

A-BS Bobby Schmautz

A-BSC Bob Sicinski

A-BSM Billy Smith

A-BW Bill White

A-CB Curt Bennett

A-CBO Christian Bordeleau

A-CM Cesare Maniago

A-DA Don Awrey

A-DB Dan Bouchard

A-DF Doug Favell

A-DG Danny Grant

A-DH Denis Herron

A-DHE Dennis Hextall

A-DHU Dennis Hull

A-DJ Doug Jarrett

A-DK Dave Keon *

A-DL Don Lever

A-DS Dallas Smith

A-DSA Derek Sanderson (Philadelphia) *

A-DSAN Derek Sanderson (Boston) *

A-DSC Dave Schultz

A-DSI Darryl Sittler *

A-DW Dunc Wilson

A-EG Ed Giacomin *

A-EJ Eddie Johnston

A-ES Eddie Shack

A-EW Ernie Wakely

A-EWE Ed Westfall

A-FM Frank Mahovlich *

A-GC Gerry Cheevers

A-GD Gerry Desjardins

A-GDO Gary Dornhoefer

A-GE Gary Edwards

A-GG Gilles Gratton

A-GJ Gary Jarrett

A-GL Guy Lafleur *

A-GLA Guy Lapointe *

A-GLAB Gord Labossiere

A-GM Gilles Meloche

A-GO Gerry Odrowski

A-GP Gilbert Perreault *

A-GPI Gerry Pinder

A-GS Gary Sabourin

A-GU Garry Unger

A-GV Gilles Villemure

A-GVE Gary Veneruzzo

A-HH Harry Howell

A-JB Johnny Bucyk

A-JD Joe Daley

A-JDO Jim Dorey

A-JE Jack Egers

A-JGG Jean-Guy Gendron

A-JJ Joey Johnston

A-JL Jacques Lemaire

A-JLO Jim Lorentz

A-JMC Jim McKenny

A-JMCK John McKenzie

A-JMCL Jimmy McLeod

A-JN Jack Norris

A-JPP J.P. Parise

A-JS Jim Schoenfeld

A-JW Joe Watson

A-KB Ken Brown

A-KH Ken Hodge

A-LB Les Brinkley

A-LL Larry Lund

A-LM Lowell MacDonald

A-LMA Larry Mavety

A-LP Larry Pleau

A-LR Larry Robinson

A-MA Mike Antonovich

A-MC Mike Curran

A-MD Marcel Dionne *

A-NF Norm Ferguson

A-NL Nick Libett

A-NP Noel Picard

A-NU Norm Ullman

A-PE Phil Esposito

A-PH Paul Henderson

A-PM Phil Myre

A-PMA Pete Mahovlich

A-PP Poul Popiel

A-PQ Pat Quinn

A-PS Pat Stapleton

A-RB Richard Brodeur

A-RBE Red Berenson

A-RE Ron Ellis *

A-RG Rod Gilbert *

A-RH Rejean Houle

A-RK Rick Kehoe

A-RL Rick Ley

A-RM Rick Martin

A-RMA Rick MacLeish

A-RP Rosaire Paiement

A-RR Rene Robert

A-RS Rod Seiling

A-RSM Rick Smith

A-RV Rogie Vachon

A-RW Ron Ward

A-SA Syl Apps

A-SB Serge Bernier

A-SM Stan Mikita *

A-SS Serge Savard *

A-SSH Steve Shutt

A-SW Stan Weir

A-TE Tony Esposito *

A-TH Ted Hampson

A-TO Terry O'Reilly

A-TT Ted Taylor

A-TW Tom Webster

A-VF Val Fonteyne

A-VH Vic Hadfield

A-WC Wayne Cashman

A-WCA Wayne Carleton

A-WCO Wayne Connelly

A-WM Walt McKechnie

A-WT Walt Tkaczuk

A-YC Yvan Cournoyer *


A-AG Alexander Gusev

A-AY Alexander Yakushev

A-BC2 Bobby Clark *

A-BGL2 Brian Glennie

A-BMI Boris Mikhailov

A-BP2 Brad Park *

A-BW2 Bill White

A-DA2 Don Awrey

A-DHU2 Dennis Hull

A-DT Dale Tallon

A-FM2 Frank Mahovlich *

A-GLA2 Guy Lapointe *

A-GP2 Gilbert Perreault *

A-HS Harry Sinden

A-JPP2 J.P. Parise

A-MD2 Marcel Dionne *

A-PE2 Phil Esposito

A-PH2 Paul Henderson

A-PMA2 Pete Mahovlich

A-PS2 Pat Stapleton

A-RBE2 Red Berenson

A-RE2 Ron Ellis *

A-RG2 Rod Gilbert

A-SM2 Stan Mikita *

A-SS2 Serge Savard *

A-TE2 Tony Esposito *

A-VH2 Hic Hadfield

A-VP Vladimir Petrov

A-VS Vladimir Shadrin

A-VT Vladislav Tretiak

A-VV Valeri Vasiliev

A-WC2 Wayne Cashman

A-YC2 Yvan Cournoyer *


MA-BS Billy Smith

MA-LR Larry Robinson

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