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2010-11 IN THE GAME DECADES 1980s
This In The Game set celebrates players from the 1980s. It's an unlicensed product, meaning that ITG cannot feature NHL logos or team names on the cards. Apart from that blemish, this is a handsome hard-signed set that features many first time autographs. There are a number of short-prints in this set which are noted below with an asterisk by the player's name. As most of this set covers players I already have represented in my collection, its completion isn't my highest priority. To avoid an excess of blank squares, I'm only listing the cards currently or expected shortly in my collection. SET STATUS: SEMI-ACTIVE PROJECT (7.7 Percent Complete with 13 of 169 Cards).

A-AB Allan Bester

A-BA Brent Ashton

A-BD Bill Derlago

A-BM Brad Marsh

A-BST Blaine Stoughton

A-CS Charlie Simmer

A-DSE Dave Semenko

A-JM Joe Mullen

A-MRO Mike Rogers

A-PRE Pokey Roddick

A-PRH Paul Reinhart

A-SK Steve Kasper

A-SP Steve Payne

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