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In The Game releases another of their wonderful theme sets, this one dedicated to hockey's policemen, tough guys, thugs and goons. I picked up a handful of these cards -- all the Edmonton Oilers related ones -- shortly after their initial release, but I only decided to start putting this set together in late 2012. Featuring the first certified autograph cards for a number of players, this series has an added degree of charm in that the sticker autographs -- generally referred to in the hobby as "band-aids" -- are on these cards in the form and colour of actual band-aids.
SET STATUS: ACTIVE PROJECT (95.3 Percent Complete). As can be seen below, thus far I have 82 of the 86 cards in hand. This release features five short-print cards (noted below with an "*" next to the player's name) that will no doubt prove the most challenging to acquire, and are likely to remain the longest showing only that blank grey box.

A-MB Matthew Barnaby

A-BB Barry Beck

A-WB Wade Belak

A-CB Craig Berube

A-FB Frank Bialowas

A-LB Laurie Boschman

A-BBO Bob Boughner

A-CBR Curt Brackenbury

A-DBRA Donald Brashear *

A-DB Dave Brown

A-KB Kelly Buchberger

A-GB Garth Butcher

A-DC Dan Carcillo

A-KC Kelly Chase

A-SCH Shane Churla

A-EC Enrico Ciccone

A-WC Wendel Clark *

A-SC Shayne Corson

A-JC Jim Cummins

A-TD Tie Domi

A-AD Andre Dupont

A-TW Todd Ewen

A-LF Lou Fontinato

A-NF Nick Fotiu

A-LG Link Gaetz

A-GG Gerard Gallant

A-CG Clark Gillies *

A-TG Trevor Gillies

A-BG Bill Goldthorpe

A-SG Stu Grimson

A-PH Paul Holmgren

A-SJ Stan Jonathan

A-BK Bob Kelly

A-KK Kris King

A-JK Joey Kocur

A-ZK Zenon Koponka

A-JKY Jim Kyte

A-DL Denny Lambert

A-GL Georges Laraque

A-PL Paul Laus

A-RL Reed Low

A-TL Tom Lysiak

A-DM Dan Maloney

A-JMA Jimmy Mann

A-DMAN Dave Manson

A-BMAR Bryan Marchment

A-BMAY Brad May

A-SM Sandy McCarthy

A-BMCG Bob McGill

A-JMCI Jack McIlhargey

A-JMC Jim McKenzie

A-BMCR Basil McRae

A-MM Marty McSorley

A-JM Jay Miller

A-JMI Jon Mirasty

A-CN Chris Nilan

A-BN Bob Nystrom

A-TO Terry O'Reilly

A-LO Lyle Odelein

A-JO Jeff Odgers

A-GO Gino Odjick

A-WP Wilf Paiement

A-TP Theo Peckham

A-AP Andrew Peters

A-RP Rich Pilon

A-WP Willi Plett

A-BP1 Bob Probert *

A-BP2 Bob Probert *

A-RR Rob Ray

A-TR Terry Ruskowski

A-PR Phil Russell

A-WR Warren Rychel

A-DS Dave Schultz

A-DSE Dave Semenko

A-HS Harold Snepsts

A-JT Jordin Tootoo

A-DT Darcy Tucker

A-TT Tony Twist

A-EV Ed Van Impe

A-BW Bryan Watson

A-JWA Joe Watson

A-WW Wally Weir

A-JW Jay Wells

A-JWE John Wensink

A-TW Tiger Williams

A-PW Peter Worrell

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