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In The Game releases a follow-up to their theme set dedicated to hockey's tough guys. Featuring the first certified autograph cards for a handful of players, this series has an added degree of charm in that the sticker autographs -- generally referred to in the hobby as "band-aids" -- are on these cards in the form and colour of actual band-aids. SET STATUS: ACTIVE PROJECT (91.7 Percent Complete with 55 out of 60 Cards.). This release features four short-print cards (noted below with an "*" next to the player's name) that will no doubt prove the most challenging to acquire, and are likely to remain the longest showing only that blank grey box.

A-PB Paul Baxter

A-KB Ken Belanger

A-DB Dennis Bonvie

A-SB Sean Brown

A-LB Lyndon Byers

A-JCA Jeff Carlson

A-SC Steve Carlson

A-JC Jay Caufield

A-JCH Jeff Chychrun

A-KC Kim Clackson

A-GC Glen Cochrane

A-CC Cam Connor

A-CCO Craig Coxe

A-KD Ken Daneyko

A-LD Louie DeBrusk

A-CD Chris Dingman

A-JD Jim Dorey

A-AD Aaron Downey

A-GD Gordie Dwyer

A-TF Todd Fedoruk

A-CF Curt Fraser

A-BH Bob Halkidis

A-DH Dave Hanson

A-MH Mike Hartman

A-SK Sami Helenius

A-GH Garry Howatt

A-GHO Gordie Howe *

A-TH Tim Hunter

A-KK Kevin Kaminski

A-FK Forbes Kennedy

A-DK Darin Kimble

A-PK Paul Kruse

A-DL Darren Langdon

A-IL Ian Laperriere

A-TL Ted Lindsay *

A-TM Troy Mallette

A-DM Darren McCarty

A-KM Kevin McClelland

A-BM Brantt Myhres

A-CN Cam Neely *

A-JN Jim Nill

A-SP Scott Parker

A-MP Mike Peluso

A-LP Larry Playfair

A-DP Dennis Polonich

A-JR Jeremy Roenick *

A-AR Andre Roy

A-CR Cam Russell

A-JS Jim Sandlak

A-BS Brent Severyn

A-JSH Jody Shelley

A-CS Chris Simon

A-RS Ron Stern

A-RT Rocky Thompson

A-ST Scott Thornton

A-RV Ryan VandenBussche

A-DV Dennis Vial

A-MV Mick Vukota

A-KW Kurt Walker

A-BW Brendan Witt

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