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Welcome to my Virtual Autographed Hockey Card Collection!

Cards In Collection: 8,618 | Cards Currently On Exhibit: 3,068 | Percent Of Collection On Exhibit: 35.6%

2018 In Review
After a couple of relatively slow years on the autograph collection front, we started firing again on all cylinders and broke records along the way! I added 1049 unique autographs and 370 new players in 2018, breaking my single-year records of 767 autos and 253 players added, both set previously in 2014.

Part of the juice for this bonanza was being settled for the first time since early 2016. Packing up everything into storage while selling the house in the US, moving it all across the border, and then slowly unpacking it in Canada certainly put a crimp in my hobby time for a couple of years. And without doubt, being back in Canada with ready access to hockey card stores, shows and other collectors all helped significantly with new acquisitions.

As of year's end, the collection totaled 8422 unique autograph cards and 3202 unique players. Significant accomplishments for the year included:
  • Completing the 2017-18 SP Authentic Future Watch Autograph set within months of its release. (Now I just have to get the webpage built for it...);
  • Reducing the Future Watch Autographs needed from all the previous years to just the five outstanding unfulfilled redemptions everyone is waiting on and two other cards, a pair of unknowns by the name of Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews. (I've opened more boxes of SP Authentic than anyone in their right mind should and still haven't come across either of those guys!);
  • Adding the complete 2017-18 Upper Deck CHL Autograph set, the inaugural 101 card release featuring the top junior players (yet another webpage to build); and
  • Acquiring FI-CJ Curtis Joseph and FI-TH Taylor Hall to bring my 2013-14 Upper Deck Edmonton Oilers Franchise Ink collection within eight cards of completion.
  • Without doubt, though, this was the highlight of the year: I started 2018 two cards away from completing all four waves of the 2004-05 In The Game Franchise autograph series. After acquiring A-BP2 Brad Park - New York, this fifteen-year project is now just one card away and on the cusp of completion. (The lone holdout is A-PE1 Phil Esposito - Boston. Help me find this card and you'll be added to my Hall Of Fame!)

    After such a busy year, I doubt I will be putting up similar numbers in 2019. I need to invest a bit more attention toward populating this website over increasing the backlog to be posted to it. And my focus is increasingly directed toward closing out sets I'm already working on over starting new projects. That said, there is always the siren call of some cool looking new release or an overlooked novelty that becomes hunted game. (Like the 2011-12 Panini Certified Throwback Threads set which features Charlie Simmer as a Cleveland Baron. Oh, why do people show me such things only to tell me they've been traded away!)

    About the Project
    Back in late 2012, when I told my wife Lynn that my next web project was to create a virtual collection for my autographed hockey cards, her reaction was (to my surprise, I will admit) one of great joy and tremendous support. "Finally! You'll be getting rid of all those binders and boxes filled with cards that have been cluttering up my house!" Rarely had I seen her so pleased that it just seemed unnecessarily cruel to let my real plans intrude on what to her was the arrival of a long hoped for moment. We are sufficiently removed from that conversation that I can now say "Unfortunately, my love, that isn't exactly my plan."

    Rather, this site is intended as the solution to a vexing problem. When part of the fun of collecting is sharing your treasures with fellow collectors, how do you accomplish that when you live hundreds of miles away from the nearest people whom might care? The obvious answer (the internet, of course!) brings forth a host of new puzzles and challenges in terms of site construction, formatting, and layout. And hence, this is the humble beginnings of a multi-year project to place my ever growing certified autographed hockey card collection out on display.

    The initial phase will see the scanning of my complete collection and the creation of galleries organized by card set. Later phases will see the development of individual player and team galleries. Various other themed exhibits may emerge from time to time. Given the size and scope of this effort, as well as the fact my collection continues to grow and evolve, I don't have any hard timelines for completion. Instead this site will likely be a continual work-in-progress, and it is my hope that each time you visit you'll see something new.

    So now for the words that will break my wife's heart: All the cards displayed on this site are part of my personal permanent collection, and none of the images have been clipped or borrowed from other sites. Moreover, none of these specific cards have been posted here for sale or trade, as I do not intend for this virtual collection to replace my physical one. (That said, I have doubles of many of these cards to trade to fill the gaps in my collection, and please don't hesitate to email me if you would like to swap trade and want lists.)

    With that, don't let me delay your tour any longer. It is my hope you'll enjoy viewing my collection as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

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