To make the material on this site more navigable, the content has been broken out into various ages and eras. The start and end dates of each age or era are not hard and fast. Rather, they are a general guidelines and may vary slightly from series to series. The Golden Age refers to DC Comics material published prior to circa 1956. The Silver Age refers to DC Comics material published between circa 1956 and circa 1970. The Bronze Age refers to DC Comics material published between circa 1970 and circa 1986. The Dark Age refers to DC Comics material published between circa 1986 and circa 2000. The Millennial Era refers to material published circa 2000 to cover date September 2011. The New 52 Era refers to material published since cover date October 2011 to present.

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Welcome to the Collected DC Universe!

I'm Johnny DC, your host and tour guide. This site has been created to become your one-stop resource for information on all the various collected editions produced by DC Comics that span the decades from the Golden Age to The New 52 Era: Archives, Absolute Editions, Classics Library, Omnibus, Showcase Presents and more!

Officially launched on October 1, 2011, this site is a continuing work-in-progress and will be constantly changing and evolving as the library of DC collected editions continues to expand.

The first development phase, completed September 22, 2012, focused on cataloguing the full DC Archives library, detailing the 161 DC Universe volumes released to that point. The current phase concentrates on cataloguing DC hardcovers containing pre-Crisis material (circa pre-1986) and mapping the contents of highly anticipated future DC Archive volumes.

Future phases to be completed in the months to come will add post-Crisis DC hardcover releases, trade paperback editions, non-DC Universe Archives lines (such as THUNDER Agents and The Spirit), and ultimately releases from other DC imprints such as Vertigo.

The site has been designed so you can navigate it quickly and conveniently to find the information you desire:

News at present only reports on site development progress. In the future it will include information about forthcoming Archive releases.

Archives Library groups all the Archives by the era of their content. You can view all the Golden Age Archives, Silver Age Archives and Bronze Age Archives each on their own individual pages, and from there click directly to the specific volumes. Eventually, you will also be able to access Just Imagine! Archives, with detailed mappings of future volumes to come! In addition, links to selected Omnibus lines have been included on these pages in advance of the Other Hardcovers section.

Series / Character groups all the collected editions available for a particular character on one page. For characters who appear in more than one series, there is a page for the collected editions culled from each individual series. And as a bonus, each Series / Character page includes Just Imagine! Archives, listing the projected contents of future Archive volumes.

In a future site update, Other Hardcovers and Other TPB will detail information on non-DC Archive releases.

The conception and development of this site owes a substantial debt of gratitude to the following resources:

First and foremost, tremendous thanks go to Heather McCallum and Kathryn McCallum for their assistance in developing graphics, designing pages, inputting data and suffering through their father's whims throughout the course of this project.

Marvel Masterworks Resource Page
John Rhett Thomas and Doug Roberts have set the gold standard in terms of an Internet-based resource dedicated to Marvel collected editions. The goal of this site is eventually to produce as good a resource devoted to the collected editions from DC Comics. John also oversees the DC Archives Message Board. The contributions and feedback from various board members therein have greatly improved the content of this site. I've no doubt their future suggestions and corrections will further refine and add value to this project.

Mike’s Amazing World Of DC Comics
This site by Mike Voiles provides a detailed index to all DC comics from 1935 to present. An exhaustive and invaluable site when it comes to developing maps of future DC collected editions.

The Archives: The Unofficial Homepage For DC Comics’ Archives
This site by Owen Darcy and Steve Rogers was a trailblazer in developing maps for Golden Age DC Archives, particularly series that have not yet been collected. Unfortunately, it appears this site is no longer available on the web, but the data can be found using the Internet Wayback Machine.

Grand Comics Database
This non-profit website offers an ever-growing comprehensive database of comic information. Another invaluable resource for mapping future DC collected editions.

This site is intended for reference and promotion of the DC Comics line of collected editions as well as DC Comics and their properties. This not-for-profit, non-commercial fan website is not affiliated with DC Comics. Any trademarks and images from DC Comics that have been used herein for editorial purposes remain the exclusive property of DC Comics. All other elements of this web site, including but not limited to site design and content, are copyright 1993-2012 Matthew S. McCallum, all rights reserved.