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Matthew McCallum's Signatures In Ice Collection

Matthew McCallum's
Signatures In Ice


Sidney Crosby Rookie Card, 2005-06 SP Authentic 181 The two best things about being a collector are experiencing the thrill of the hunt, and then sharing the spoils of victory with others. This web page exists to tell the tales and display the treasurers of the hunt.

Presently, my Certified Autographed Hockey Card Collection -- which I affectionately call Signatures In Ice -- stands at 2,136 unique players and 5,274 different autographed cards. Itís a collection that ranges from Ramzi Abid to Andrei Zyuzin, and runs the gamut from Legendary Hockey Hall of Famers to promising newcomers, from present-day stars to prospects who never quite panned out, from the famous to the infamous.

Iím still in the process of developing a gallery to showcase specific cards and the story behind them, like this pulled-from-the-pack Sidney Crosby SP Authentic Rookie.

In the meantime, as that work continues, you can view my complete Certified Autographed Hockey Card Collection!

Milestone Alert! On April 4, 2011, I added both my 5,000th unique autographed hockey card -- Jim Nielson (2004-05 In The Game NHL Franchises East A-JN) -- and my 2,000th unique player -- Kris Chucko (2009-10 Upper Deck SP Authentic Future Watch 254 [199/999]).

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