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Literally years in the making, clicking the image above will take you to a site designed to be your one-stop resource for information on all the various collected editions produced by DC Comics that span the decades from the Golden Age to The New 52 Era: Archives, Absolute Editions, Classics Library, Omnibus, Showcase Presents and more!

The first development phase, completed September 22, 2012, focused on cataloguing the full DC Archives library, detailing the 161 DC Universe volumes released to that point. The current phase concentrates on cataloguing DC hardcovers containing pre-Crisis material (circa pre-1986) and mapping the content of highly anticipated future DC Archive volumes.

Future phases to be completed in the months to come will add post-Crisis DC hardcover releases, trade paperbacks editions, non-DC Universe Archive lines (such as THUNDER Agents and The Spirit), and ultimately releases from other DC imprints such as Vertigo.

Hockey Card Trade & Want List Updates
  • Added numerous cards to my 2011-12 Hockey Card Trade List including O-Pee-Chee Marquee Rookies and Upper Deck Series 1 Young Guns!
  • Added numerous cards to my 2010-11 Hockey Card Trade List
  • Added numerous cards to my 2009-10 Hockey Card Trade List.
  • Added numerous cards to my 2008-09 Hockey Card Trade List.
  • Added numerous cards to my 2007-08 Hockey Card Trade List.
  • Created and updated my 2010-11 Hockey Card Want List detailing Upper Deck Series 1 & 2 Young Guns wants!
  • Updated my 2009-10 Hockey Card Want List detailing Upper Deck Series 1 & 2 Young Guns wants!
  • Quick Overview of Matthew McCallum Online
    Improvements include HTML-based want and trade lists, blog-style collection updates and more content

    The hockey card related pages are now divided into four key sections:

  • Cardboard Ice celebrates my hockey card collection that stretches back into the early 1970s through the most current releases. This sub-site showcases gems from my collection and talks about the hobby in general.
  • Signatures In Ice features my certified autograph hockey card collection of nearly 2,000 different players and almost 5,000 unique certified autograph cards. This sub-site shares great cards, memorable box breaks and good stories.
  • Shredded Sweaters is dedicated to my collection of hockey memorabilia cards. I must admit I am much less enthused about chopped up hockey jerseys than I am about certified autographs, but this sub-site gives those ripped-up rags their due.
  • Trade and Want Lists is Hockey Card Trade Central, containing a comprehensive listing of both my collection needs and all my prime trade bait which includes 100's of certified autographs, 1,000's of insert cards and nearly 500,000 base set cards. A work in progress, this section will ultimately expand to include easy navigation to all those base set cards that I've got available.

    Edmonton Oilers The Oilumni site will finally be enhanced with all the research that I've been engaged in the last few months. In addition to updating the players statistics and player register, two special features have been added: The Order of Outstanding Oilers and a Comprehensive Entry Draft Analysis Comparison. The Order of Outstanding Oilers (or O-Three) ranks the top Oilers through a meticulous rating system. Only the top 10 percent of all Oilers can qualify for the O-Three, and the 5-tier ranking system provides a best-within-the-best rating. The Comprehensive Draft Analysis rates the Oilers draft performance against other teams in the league both in NHL man-games produced and points generated. Head-to-head comparisons against Calgary and Los Angeles have been researched, with other teams to be added in the coming months.

    New features to Matthew McCallum Online include a link to my FoxSports Blog entitled "Hockey Hall of Fame Hot Stove". Forthcoming items include new sub-site called Hockey Hall of Fame Hot Focus where I'll examine issues related to the HHOF in greater detail with charts and analysis, and a sub-site showcasing my Oilers Game-Worn Sweater Collection.

    So, welcome, glad to have you here, and I hope you enjoy the site!

  • Notice: The hockey-related portions of this not-for-profit, non-commercial fan web site are unaffiliated with the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club; the National Hockey League (NHL) and its member teams; the National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) and its member players; and their trading card company licensees. The collectables-related portions of this not-for-profit, non-commercial fan website are unaffiliated with the respective entities. Any trademarks and images from these entities that have been used herein for editorial purposes remain the exclusive property of the original rights holders. All other elements of this web site, including but not limited to site design and content, are copyright 1993-2013 Matthew S. McCallum, all rights reserved.